SingleStore is dedicated to helping businesses adapt more quickly, embrace diverse data and accelerate digital innovation by operationalizing all data through one platform for all of their moments that matter. These capabilities are provided as a service in AWS, Azure, and GCP and through deployments with SingleStore Managed Service and SingleStore DB.

First released in 2011, SingleStore (formerly known as MemSQL) is designed to run efficiently on modern systems; both multi-core systems with a big memory footprint and lower-powered edge computing devices. SingleStore can also run legacy transactional workloads and serve as the ODS or data hub that performs as an operational analytic backbone to power real-time decisions across reports, interactive dashboards, data science, and more.

SingleStore Managed Service: Launch SingleStore in the Cloud. The fully-managed, on-demand cloud database service for fast analytics on your cloud of choice. SingleStore Managed Service delivers instant, effortless access to the world’s fastest, most scalable data platform for operational analytics, machine learning and AI. Get SingleStore’s best-in-class speed, scale, and capability without the headaches of installing, configuring, and maintaining software. SingleStore Managed Service is available in public cloud environments around the world.

SingleStore DB: Run SingleStore Anywhere. The distributed SQL database built for operational analytics which runs anywhere from bare metal to hybrid cloud. SingleStore is a scalable SQL database that ingests data continuously to perform operational analytics for the front lines of your business. Ingest millions of events per second with ACID transactions while simultaneously analyzing billions of rows of data in relational SQL, JSON, geospatial, and full-text search formats.

Modern enterprises require a data platform that is versatile, cost efficient, and performant. Not only does the data platform need to support and improve legacy workloads, but also be able to deliver on new business requirements.

SingleStore is a modern data platform that is well suited to meet the demanding requirements of your customers. It offers an easy migration path from legacy platforms, is cloud-friendly, and supports modern workloads seamlessly. SingleStore allows for infrastructure convergence, simplicity, and support for predictive capabilities in a cost-effective and highly performant manner.

  • Embed and bundle SingleStore in your broader service to drive efficiency, compatibility and added value.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: Seamless integration to harness the economy of scale.

  • Market Differentiation: Leverage the world’s fastest database to outperform competition.

  •  Additive Revenue Stream: Open up partner solution for expanded sales opportunities