Fortanix unlocks the power of organizations’ most valuable data by securing it throughout its lifecycle, on premises and in the cloud.

Fortanix provides unique deterministic security by encrypting applications and data everywhere – at rest, in motion, and in use with its Runtime Encryption® technology built upon Intel® SGX.

Fortanix secures F100 customers worldwide and powers IBM Data Shield and Equinix SmartKey™ HSM-as-a-service. Fortanix is venture backed and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.

The Fortanix solution delivers a cloud-scale pervasive data security platform that provides HSM, Key Management, Encryption, Secrets Management and Tokenization for on-premises, cloud-native, and hybrid applications all from a single integrated solution. With Fortanix,  businesses can securely generate, store, and use cryptographic keys and certificates, as well as secrets, such as passwords, API keys, and tokens. With this powerful new platform, businesses can reduce breach risks, develop secure applications faster, and unlock new revenue-generating opportunities from their data.

Fortanix if growing at 285% per year and is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most respected customers and technology partners such as Intel, Google, IBM, PayPal, Adidas, and Equinix. The Fortanix Data Security platform is an opportunity to both drive product and services revenue, while at the same time becoming a strategic part of enterprise migration to public cloud, privacy compliance, and the overall cybersecurity program.

Fortanix is committed to driving all business through the channel. The Fortanix Partner program offers strong incentives, comprehensive sales enablement, and joint marketing. Fortanix offers flexible consumption models, enabling partners to deliver quick time to value through a variety of service options.

Multi-Cloud Data Encryption - Fortanix protects sensitive data across public, hybrid, multi, and private cloud environments, enabling customers to securely operate even the most sensitive applications in any environment while retaining control of their keys.

Database Encryption - Fortanix can manage millions of keys across thousands of database instances spanning mul-tiple database vendors to unify all database encryption. Fortanix supports all major database platforms – Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, Hadoop, and other platforms that support KMIP, as well as the relevant APIs.

Privacy Compliance - Fortanix supports data encryption at scale with a central point of encryption policy definition and tamper-proof audit logs. This gives you both the encryption capabilities needed to protect data and the proof that you used them.

Secrets Management - Fortanix provides secrets management with the ease of use of a software-only solution and the security of an HSM.

NEXTGEN's security practice provides resellers with deep technical and licensing knowledge around the Fortanix solution. Talk to NEXTGEN about Fortanix and we can help you to quickly and accurately architect and quote a solution. Through leveraging NEXTGEN’s other services we can also help you market Fortanix to your end user customers and develop a flexible subscription style payment plan.


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