CONCUR imagines the way the world should work, offering cloud-based business services that make it simple to manage travel and expenses. By connecting data, applications and people, CONCUR services do the hard work, delivering an effortless experience for organisations and their employees, while providing total transparency into what they’re spending. This integrated approach goes beyond automating processes and transactions to managing spend wherever and whenever it happens, so companies can focus on what matters most.


Partnering with CONCUR allows you to provide a solution, not a product. These solutions include:

  • Concur Travel – Book travel, increase compliance and monitor spending.
  • Concur Expense – Concur integrates all your expense data, so you can manage spending wherever, whenever it happens.
  • Concur Invoice – Automate your invoice management – from purchase requests through payment – for complete visibility.

These solutions are ideally suited for the following industries: Financial Services; Professional Services; Technology; Manufacturing; Software and Services; Oil, Mining and Gas, Wholesale and Distribution; Life Sciences; Manufacturing; Retail and Restaurants; Healthcare; Higher Education.


Companies are experiencing revenue growth, but do not want to add undue costs. This leaves them in need of technologies that allow them to scale cost-effectively. C-Suite executives have pressure to focus on visibility and compliance due to new legislation and regulation. Management has a duty of care to know where their employees are and that they’re safe. CONCUR strategically manages overall business spending, including spending that occurs outside of their travel process and policies. This is why we say that most companies need CONCUR, they just might not know it yet. Introducing CONCUR to your existing customers will be a natural conversation and bring additional value, along with an end-to-end solution for new organisations. By ensuring cash flow management and cost containment by up to 78 percent, Concur frees up cash for mission-critical activities.


Like you, the NEXTGEN team cares about the customer. We understand that this means not just selling a solution, but being a trusted advisor that delivers value to your customer in a continuous engagement. 

We strive to ensure all of our CONCUR partners are trusted advisors. We will work with you to train and enable your sales team on how to identify CONCUR opportunities and how to position the best-fit solution. 

Through the NEXTGEN Group we can help you grow your business with strategic sales planning, solution architecture, marketing, deal registration, and financing options. 

NEXTGEN’s referral model facilitates the introduction to CONCUR’s expert sales team and creates opportunities to connect with your customers and grow an annuity business stream with minimal initial investment.