We are launching NEXTGEN Asia!

Over 9 years (since inception in July 2011), the NEXTGEN Distribution Group has grown rapidly in Australia and New Zealand to revenues of> USD100mil; staff of 80; and vendors of 25.

Our model supports the digital transformations enabling the modernisation of Australian and New Zealand enterprises and government agencies with our technology focus areas being Enterprise Applications, Digital Revolution, Cloud Architecture, Data Management and Cybersecurity.

Our core Vendors have been requesting NEXTGEN to support them in Asia for a number of years and we now feel as though the business model and the balance sheet is right to do so. The growth opportunities in Asia around enterprise software, especially cloud adoption and cybersecurity are well documented by numerous analysts. We intend to be a part of that growth and provide a fresh face to the Asian distribution market by using our innovative channel services model to drive market penetration; increase revenues; increase margins; develop differentiation; enhance skills & offerings; and improve cash flows for both vendors and partners.

We aim to have the business established in Singapore by 1 January 2021 as the Asian Hub and then open countries as the market and vendor opportunities arise. We will now commence a recruitment drive to find the right leadership and team to establish Singapore and beyond.

Like we’ve done in other places, such as New Zealand, we’ll look for local talent that understands the inherent relationships, culture, opportunities and issues to be successful in the enterprise software market.

We will also work closely with our key vendors to determine country strategies and prioritise execution plans.

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