I hope you are all getting through these unprecedented but fascinating times as they continue to test us all in the key areas of leadership, management, resilience, health, humility and humour. Tough times expose, define and propagate the true character of organisations and individuals. On behalf of the NEXTGEN Group I’d like to sincerely thank all our customers, vendors and suppliers for their unwavering support. I’d also like to acknowledge Team NEXTGEN for the support and personal sacrifices being made to keep the business focused on supporting you all. COVID-19 has bruised us all but NEXTGEN is alive and continuing to break new ground.

In recognition of recent events across the globe we are proud to support peaceful but decisive action on all areas of equality, diversity and inclusion. For the next month we have modified our logo to visibly represent these core NEXTGEN values. A change in attitude on equality begins with the individual but we believe that as a company we must also be held publicly accountable for the efforts we make to influence real change. By adapting our logo - that most sacred of company brand assets - we show our commitment and support for all areas of equality including Global Pride Month and Black Lives Matter. Now is the time for all of us to adapt our attitudes and actions.

At NEXTGEN we take great pride in the rich culture of equality, diversity, and inclusiveness we have fostered for many years to be one of the defining elements of our business. Integral to the warm, vibrant and safe work environment we enjoy, this long heritage of inclusiveness is all-encompassing and celebrates diversity across all facets of humanity from gender and race to religion and sexual orientation. Without a doubt it is this celebration and respect for the uniqueness all people that makes the NEXTGEN Group so cohesive, creative and resilient.

Blending 26 different nationalities, the NEXTGEN Team represents gender equality at 50%, with 25% at Board level and 33% at Executive level. The NEXTGEN Leadership Series, including the Leadership Forum, NEXTGEN WISE (Women Inspiring Success and Empowerment), and our Leadership Webinars with Nancy Rademaker have attracted over 550 channel executives to explore key trends in leadership, diversity, equality and inclusiveness, while raising over $150,000 for charities along the way.

That’s how we put our values into action every day.

John Walters

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