Following the example set by the NEXTGEN Leadership Forum and NEXTGEN WISE for engaging some of the best thought leaders from around the world, we have developed the NEXTGEN Leadership Series to provide continuity in these uncertain times. Now more than ever, we all need authentic leadership to help us through the fallout from COVID-19.

International corporate strategist and keynote speaker, Nancy Rademaker coined the phrase “The New Normal” to describe the disruption caused by technology as digital went from novelty to norm. The term is now being used by everyone to describe today’s COVID-19 disrupted world. Residing in Holland, Nancy is familiar to Australian audiences from her previous engagements with IDG and NEXTGEN and has over 20 years of experience in how technology is transforming society, gained from a career working with leading global technology brands.

In “The New Normal” Webinar Series developed exclusively with NEXTGEN, Nancy discusses her research, thoughts and actionable insights to help us understand the current pandemic-related disruption, the need it has created for urgent change, the leadership required to guide businesses through this, and the role of technology as a massive enabler for positive outcomes.

In the successful first session on 26th May, we had an outstanding turnout of well over 100 attendees from across the globe. Setting the tone for the rest of the series, this was a call to action for leadership - not to go into hibernation, but to persist with maximum power, energy, empathy and strategic thought. To put ever more effort into brand and innovation. To lead, from the front with energy and enthusiasm. Resilience will be the decisive factor - for organizations to survive, for humans to recover, for everyone to thrive in this “New Normal”.

Watch "THE NEW NORMAL" introduction session here.

Stay tuned for follow-up sessions tackling related issues:

  • Leading with resilience and empathy
  • The X-factor of customer centricity
  • Gaining and maintaining market leadership
  • How to get ready and leverage the AI world
  • Lessons to be learned from China

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